Forex Trading Success for International Traders


Forex trading is one type of investment, which if done correctly promises very attractive profits. What are the tips for successful forex trading in Indonesia? How to trade profitably? What are the tips for becoming a trader?

To achieve financial goals, you should invest to produce enough profits to beat inflation.

One type of investment is Forex Trading.

Forex Trading

Before entering into Forex Trading, we first understand what Forex is.

What is Forex?

Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, which means the exchange rate between one currency with another currency.

The value of Forex can change at any time depending on the mechanism in the market, buying and selling.

Because of changing values, Forex becomes a trading arena.

What is Forex Trading?

FX or Foreign Exchange is the largest financial market in the world. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, from Monday morning to Saturday morning, and nearly £ 3 trillion in currency is traded every day.

Trading is that you trade (sell / buy) financial products, in this case forex (currency) based on the prices prevailing in the market when the transaction takes place.

Forex Trading Hours:

New York13:00 – 22:00 GMT
London08:00 – 17:00 GMT
Tokyo00:00 – 09:00 GMT
Sydney22:00 – 07:00 GMT

With a volume of USD5.3 trillion per day, forex trading is the largest in the financial market.

What makes forex attractive to traders is high investment liquidity due to large trading volumes and high price volatility for maximum profit opportunities.

FX is very popular with individual traders because of its accessibility and simplicity compared to other markets.

You can trade FX on an online account from anywhere in the world. FX traders buy or sell currencies hoping that it will go up or down against the value of other currencies in order to benefit from the price difference.

By observing market price movements, you have the opportunity to profit, or experience risk (loss) in accordance with changes in prices that occur.

For example, you buy 1 lot of EUR / USD at 1.2500 and sell it when the price goes up to 1.3000. The difference from this price increase becomes your profit. vice versa if the price goes down then you experience a loss.

The types of currencies most frequently traded are:

  • EUR / USD
  • GBP / USD
  • USD / JPY

Other currencies
Basically all currency pairs can be traded except those not permitted by regulators such as USD / IDR (US Dollar vs. Indonesian Rupiah).

In forex trading, the instrument symbol consists of 2 abbreviations, for example:

  • EUR / USD = Euros vs Dollar US ,
  • GBP / USD = United Kingdom Pounds vs Dollar US ,
  • EUR / JPY = Euro VsJapannese Yen,
  • USD / TRY = US Dollar VsTurkish Lira, etc.

You can start by registering and opening an account at an official forex broker registered with Bapepti.

Investors must prepare an initial capital of around US $ 500 or around Rp.6,65 million (exchange rate of Rp13,300 per US dollar), which can be used to start trading.

You can immediately trade or buy (buy) the currency you want. This currency will always coexist with other currencies, for example USD / EUR or USD / JPY.

If the USD is in the front, then it means you are buying United States Dollars (US) in comparison with the Euro or Japanese Yen. However, if reversed to EUR / USD means you are buying Euros compared to the US Dollar, and so is JPY / USD.

For example, sentiment for the US, for example, when there is a target for the Fed to raise interest rates twice in one year, the US Dollar will immediately strengthen. In addition, Donald Trump’s policy will also influence forex movements.

However, forex trading is different from other investments because it is two-way.

With this two-way trading, investors do not need to worry too much if there is negative sentiment towards the currency being traded. The reason is that investors have been able to sell their forex contracts when he does not already have the contract.

Why Forex Trading

Why do so many people trade? especially Forex Trading.

Large and Unlimited Profit Opportunities

  1. 2-Way Trading Advantages
  2. Fast, Easy, Can Be Done Anytime and Anywhere
  3. Flexible Trading Times
  4. Affordable Capital